Multifak 264 EP 00/000

Heavy duty semi-fluid mineral based lithium grease. Recommended for the lubrication of wheel bearings in heavy duty road vehicles and rail vehicles; roller bearings in crushers, mills and mixers. Also recommended for use in steel plants, particularly in hot and cold rolling mills. Also for use in centralised lubrication systems where grease is supplied to highly loaded lubrication points. High performance chassis grease with special thickener to aid lubrication of gears and chassis. Excellent anti-wear characteristics.
Operating temperature range from -50°to +120° C.

Packages/drums: 18; 50; 180 (kg)

OEM approvals/specifications:
  • DIN 51502: GP 00/000 K-50
  • ISO 6743-09: ISO-L-XEBEB 00/000
  • Lincoln Central lubrication
  • MAN 283 Li-P00
  • Mercedes-Benz Liefervorschrift DBL 6833.00
  • Tecalemit Central lubrication
  • Willy Vogel Central lubrication