Main Test analyses


Main Test analyses: Frequent lubricant tests are good for profit.
Preventing disease is better than finding a cure. This statement also applies for maintenance of your lubricant systems.
At our business partner’s laboratory in Denmark there are performed approximately 14.000 lubricant analyses a year and they test lubricant samples from all over the world. The analyses are performed according to international approved and defined standards.
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A test can give a complete picture of the current state of the system and the lubricant. This knowledge gives the possibility to prevent problems at an early stage and it enables to plan repairs and replacements in due time and, thereby, avoid break-down of the equipment.
At regular oil analyses you are able to follow the development in the condition of the machinery. Changes of different parameters during a long-term period may indicate where problems are and where action has to be initiated. The purpose of the first oil analysis is to obtain a basis knowledge. Following analyses will reveal changes in the condition of the lubricant. It will not be possible to estimate the total life time of the lubricant based on the ana lyses results.
The results from these tests as well as suggestions for improvements are made and delivered within a couple of days.
There are a variety of MainTest lubricant analyses available:
  • TexChek – analysis of engine, automotive and industrial gear oils
  • CoolChek – analysis of lubeoil for refrigeration compressors
  • GeoChek – analysis of gas engine oils
  • CleanChek – analysis of hydraulic- and industrial gear oils (ISO 4406/NAS 1638)
  • ClycolChek – analysis of antifreeze cooling water systems
Also special analyses on request.
Price of sample, EEK
Price of set (5 samples), EEK
4 250,00
1 015,00
5 075,00
1 100,00
5 500,00
1 235,00
6 175,00
1 100,00
5 500,00
Special analyse
depends on analyse