The history of Havoline


The Havoline brand was named by Havemeyer Oil Company of New York and first introduced in 1904.

In 1906 the Havoline Oil Company separated from the Havemeyer Oil Company.

In 1909, It was acquired by the Indian Refining Company. To boost sales & advertise the product they offered to fuel the first plane to fly coast to Coast. After successful re-launch also car and engine producers took an interest in Havoline.

In 1915 due to over production the Indian Refining Co. had to halt operations.

In 1931the Texas Oil company (now Texaco) bought the Indian Refining Company.

In 1946 a break through in technology improved Havoline.

In 1962 the logo was changed: the old Indian logo was replaced. That same year new products were introduced, Havoline 10W-30, and Havoline Singlegrade.


In 1968 Improved Havoline & All Temperature Havoline were introduced, followed by Havoline Super-Premium All Temperature Motor Oil in 1971.

In 1972 Havoline scored big when they sponsored Emerson Fittipaldi who became a world champion in Formula One.

In 1979 Texaco ends the decade with a new product called Havoline Supreme 10W-40, which superseded Havoline Super-Premium.


In 1984 a major breakthorugh came with the SAW 20W-50 to keep up with growing demand.

In 1991 the Havoline Formula 3 was launched, which became popular all over the world.

In 2001 a new logo and package design came out for the whole line of products.

In 2009
a new design of all smaller packed Havoline products were introduced – innovative new Havoline Deposit Shield.

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