Key facts of the history of Chevron Corporation


The discovery of oil in Pico Canyon California led to the formation, in 1879, of the Pacific Coast Oil Company, the oldest predecessor of Chevron Corporation.

Since then, we joined with other companies several timeas and our company's name has changed more than once.

In 1911 the Standard Oil of California, or SoCal was formed amid the antitrust breakup of John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil company.

In 1984 Standard Oil of California and Gulf Oil merged. It was the largest merger in history at that time. Under the antitrust regulation, SoCal divested many of Gulf's operating subsidiaries, and sold some Gulf stations and a refinery. SoCal changed the name to Chevron Corporation.

In 2001, Chevron Corporation acquired Texaco to form ChevronTexaco.

In 2005, ChevronTexaco announced it would drop the Texaco.